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Re: shroom looping

Speaking of shrooms, did you know that our European ancestors used to "loop"
their shroom dosages by continually drinking the urinal byproducts which were
said become more potent with each recycle? - these were the humble origins
of the great Western mystic and academic traditions. FYI...

daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com> wrote:
hello,i guess if im going to comunicate here i should divulge some info.im into creating real time soundscapes via the loop/12 string acoustic thru a line 6 dl4.only been looping since dec.2005,its been a new begining for me as an performer,i feel like a kid in a candy store.i really really enjoy the loopers delight web site and have learned a lot from reading the mailing list.im improvisational in style i like the sounds of al demieola/adrian legg/micheal headges/stanley jordan/ottmar liebert/buckethead/steve roach/tangerine dream/howard shore/ravi shankar/junior brown/are the names i remember/ im always dazed while listening to "ecoes"on npr(favorite radio program)i guess seeing keller williams at hookaville was when it all became clear that looping was the path i must follow.lol"funny how your mind works on shrooms"i hope to learn a lot from all of you loopers here.      scary visionary.

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