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rack neophyte

Hello Loopgurus:
Lately, William Walker had been helping me a lot with my tech questions, but I figger he shouldn't have to bear that burden alone, so I am cutting and pasting my last needy run-on letter to him into this here message and hoping some of you will take pity on ol' Luddite Tim and spackle the holes in my consciousness.
Could you help a stompbox junkie become Mister Rackmount? I am very new to the rack world;
Now that I have gotten my greedy little hands on a  Vortex, and a VF-1, and a Lexi 'verb, and no safe way to take them out to a gig and share the sounds, I must become Mister Rack Man, and I  want to do all the right things and avoid all the usual stupid neophyte errors ;-)
Y'know, overheating, 60-cycle hummm, psoraiasis...   
Went out and bought an IEC cord for the 'verb, and a bag of rack screws, and a Rolls Midibuddy and a MIDI cable (all the store had was a 5- footer).
For power, I've got a Godlyke supply, which is lighter than the Vortex's wallwart but can't replace the stupid 5-pound 14-volt lump that the VF-1 uses (curse you, Roland!!) and I have at least 1 computer-grade power strip/surge protector lying around.
A rack would be the next logical purchase, yes? (LOL)
Something that would keep stuff alive if dropped onto pavement from about 4 feet.
I'm thinking that these 3 boxes could be happy in a 4-up rack, the 4th space being for the foot  controller... or should that stuff be in its own suitcase?
Maybe I'm in over my head here and shoulda stuck with low tech?
Con Queso,
Timothy Mungenast
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