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Lappy (was: Re: Delurk, intro and a couple of questions.)

On Jul 24, 2005, at 0:34, Risto Paalanen wrote:

> reconsider the PC option.


Since I'm using a powerbook myself I think I should just post why I  
picked that one instead of an equal pc laptop that would give more  
processing power. It was just because I don't plan to use very much  
processing power live (I do have a G5 for studio work). I plan to  
record my live playing as audio chunks and manipulate them, witch is  
not as CPU demanding. And I plan to use a lot of software cross  
connections, side chains and nifty tricks to control the plug-ins  
from external MIDI and have plug-ins being controlled by each other  
as well as by random scripts controlled by me as I play. And the  
answer to that was OS X with its built in support for streaming of  
both MIDI and audio within the computers operating system, between  
open applications. No need for Hubi's Loopback and those similar  
third party add-ons I used on the pc. And when I looked at prices I  
found that a pc lappy that equals a powerbook in build quality (for  
example the sony vaio) was just as expensive.

I must say I'm very happy with the 1,25 mHz powerbook I have (2 GB  
RAM). I'm looping mostly in the plug-in Augustus Loop (AU only for OS  
X) together with recording loops on one track in Ableton Live 5. This  
equals using two stereo looping devices and is as much as I can  
handle in an improvising live situation. I can build up stuff in  
Augustus, by layering with carefully controlling loop feedback from a  
MIDI pedal, and dump it into a loop on the Live 5 track and then  
start building new stuff in Augustus. Both Augustus' loop (playing  
completely in RAM) and the Live 5 loops (recorded to the hard drive)  
can also be pitch transformed by foot pedals (this is new in Live 5,  
but it does only work by external MIDI control for the selected  
track. So as long as you keep that track selected you can re-pitch  
all recorded loops). While Augustus does not time stretch to keep  
loop length intact during pitch transformation Live 5 does this. I  
find that a very good combination, equalling the classic combo EDP/ 
Repeater. At least for my needs.

But if buying a lappy right now I might look into a super cheap one  
like Acer or Toshiba, just to get the horsepower running for two  
years (if they do not crap out before that) until maybe a better  
alternative will be the new powerbooks that run Intel processors. I'm  
really into the way OS X lets you look at software as an open system,  
similar to sitting in a traditional studio with a bin of effect  
pedals and a huge patch bay to set up whatever crazy sound design  
idea you dream up (most sound bad or do not work IRL, but it's fun  
and you learn by making mistakes). A pc lappy with Live 5 and the VST  
plug-in Lexicon PSP42 would be nice too.

A tip on buying a powerbook - or any lappy - for audio application is  
to get it with the full RAM stuffed inside. Please remember that when  
calculating the prices.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)