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Re: It's not Purple, it's Blue!(Sellon Chip)

mark sottilaro wrote:
> The weird thing about the click was I'd go for months
> without it and all of the sudden there it was.  Never
> could quite figure out why it was there sometimes but
> not others.

I had a similar problem while adding external sync support to Mobius.
My guess is that the JamMan does not disable sync drift retriggering
during overdub like the EDP does.  Most loopers that support
external sync periodically retrigger the loop
when they notice that the playback position has drifted away
from where the MIDI clocks say it should be.  Depending on the
material in the loop and the nature of the cross fade, this
may be inaudible or result in a slight bump.

If this happens when you're overdubbing however, the retriggering
may effectively result in a short section of the overdub being
spliced out, or a short gap inserted.  If a cross fade is not
applied to the edges of this splice/gap you can get clicks.

This problem can come and go, and depends on several factors
like the stability of the MIDI clock, how close the loop length
is to an even multiple of the time between MIDI clocks,
and the average annual rainfall in Borneo.