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Re: Re: It's not Purple, it's Blue!(Sellon Chip)

At 19:37 23/07/05, you wrote:
>>Does that solve the JamMan Midi delay issues?
>I use it with a midi pedal (PMC 10) exclusively and there is no 
>noticeable MIDI delay. I first heard about this supposed JamMan midi 
>delay here on the list and asked Bob about it and he said the midi 
>delay is 5 ms or less. As far as I'm concerned this is one of those 
>"urban myths'' that keeps being circulated about the JamMan.

:-) I think it stops being an urban myth when it's been confirmed by 
several reliable
sources who all ended up using the standard footswitch instead of Midi.

The question is not whether the delay ever existed, but whether 
there's any evidence
that it's been fixed in the upgrade.

Evidence (for me) would be that someone says they could notice the delay 
the standard jamMan, but upgraded and then no longer noticed it.

...in any case, the Sellon Chip is highly desirable

>  Maybe the Midi delay is coming from the midi pedal being used, I 
> know the Yamaha midi pedal is notorious for it's delay.

oh.. no...
that's a myth
it was that andy butler guy going on and on about it till
people started to agree with him.