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RE: jam-man echo mode

Title: RE: jam-man echo mode

I've just emailed my guitarist for confirmation, since you've now got me doubting my own sanity.... :-)
but actually I'm absolutely certain that both our jam-mans work in this manner.

the cleaner the clock, the better it works, so we usually have a korg es-1 as the master clock for the whole live rig, & this is "thru'd" using a 4-output through-box. one output is dedicated to the jam-man over on the guitarist's side of the stage, & we use a 30' midi cable for this purpose. sometimes he puts black tape over the tempo indicator because it's midi-detection mode is a bit off-putting.

the only time the first of our jam-men has misbehaved was when we took it to the US; the 110V psu I had wasn't quite butch enough & the thing kept restarting.

the midi-synced echo is our most frequently used effect, guitar-wise, enabling all sorts of brian may impressions over the sequencer lines coming from a p3 &/or a doepfer maq. if you turn the feedback up to 16, it stops the echoes decaying & you're more or less back in looping mode.

I don't know what else I can add.

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>that's interesting
>jam-man certainly doesn't receive midi clock in the Echo mode,
>.................so what do you mean?<<
>erm.... what I said.... my guitarist bought a jam-man in 1995, & we
>bought a second unit in 1997, & they both take midi-clock to
>synchronise either the looping or the delay modes. I have a number
>of album releases I could point you at where this is demonstrated....
>so I have no idea what yours is doing, but ours does!

any chance you could describe how you sync your JamMan to incoming Midi clock?



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