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Re: Echoplex-style functionality on a mac?

Steve Lawson wrote:
> Right, I'm experimenting with the idea of shifting my loopage over to a 
> mac laptop, and am looking for echoplex emulation, or something close. 
> Has anyone tried running Mobius with virtual PC? Are the mobius people 
> planning on a mac version?

OS emulators usually have a hard time with programs that use low level
interfaces to devices like MIDI and audio.  I haven't used Virtual PC,
but I doubt Mobius would run on it.

The Mobius People (well, me anyway :-) recently purchased a Mac Mini
and have been doing some experiments, but no real porting work has begun.
There are a few areas of missing functionality I'd like to finish first
(synchronization, interface mode, loop windowing).

Currently the closest thing to an EDP on the Mac is SooperLooper
at essej.net/sooperlooper.