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RE: Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

Nice idea, Duncan..  There is an LED for the tempo...though it may share double duties.
I suppose an optical sensor, like used in MIDI connections, etc., could read the flash
and output a pulse...  but of course, I starting to go crazy.
It did enter my mind, though, what it could be like to gang to of the Digitech Lexicons together
by simply making one set of foot switches control both units.  Mechanically, this would not
be very difficult at all.  I wonder if the timing would go off that much for "relatively" short loops
....it is digital, after all.  This could allow for stereo looping, saving loop overdub passes, and
give multiple inputs including 2 mic inputs in a very compact, floor package.  Hmmmmm.
Gary....or just call me crazy.

> might not be the end of the world though- has it got a tempo led? that
> would make a nice click through a separate amp. it might be possible to
> fit a 4558 op-amp (surface mount or no) into the unit to buffer it, but it
> may equally be possible to just attach a resistor & capacitor between the
> led's non-ground side & a mini-jack socket & pull a nice click out of it
> that way. ymmv....
> duncan.

>> If anybody else nabs one of these pedals and wants to help me figure out a way
>> to tap the click output at its volume control or elsewhere, let me/us know
>> Gary