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RE: Digitech Jamman - ready to mod !

Anybody know how those tap tempo inputs work ?  Are the taps quantized to one
of the numeric standard "beats per minute" ?  If you tap the same on two devices,
theoretically, does it quantize or round the tempo to some unit ?
Or am I just boring everyone...gp

> Nice idea, Duncan.. There is an LED for the tempo...though it may share double duties.
> I suppose an optical sensor, like used in MIDI connections, etc., could read the flash
> and output a pulse...
> It did enter my mind, though, what it could be like to gang two of the Digitech Lexicons together
> by simply making one set of foot switches control both units.
> Mechanically, this would not be very difficult at all. I wonder if the timing would go off that much
> for "relatively" short loops ....it is digital, after all. This could allow for stereo looping, saving
> loop overdub passes, and give multiple inputs including 2 mic inputs in a very compact, floor
> package. Hmmmmm.
> Gary