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Re: bose pa speaker thingie

On 8/15/05, loop.pool <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
> is distortion (damn, I'm just waiting to have my pseudo science blasted 
> here  by a post from Dr. Z.......:-(


Ask and ye shall receive...Below I have copied a message received from
Dr. Z when we were having a discussion about surround looping back in
May. I have included the part of my message he quoted for context.


Jon Southwood

P.S. I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Z in person, just via
e-mails through LD or the occasional off-list continuation of
something started on LD. I was saddened by the news of his passing and
watched in wonder as my cynical view of the 'net as social structure
with the aftermath of that new (through my own reaction as well as the
many messages to this list). I just hope that someone close to him was
able to read all the wonderful messages posted in his honor.

OK, on with Dr. Z's take on multi-subs:

At 1:14 PM -0500 5/20/05, Jon Southwood wrote:
>>Regarding the 10.2 and the 16.8.1, I have to ask a potentially
>>stupid question:
>>I was always under the impression (having it read it many times) that
>>the low frequencies for which a subwoofer is designed to reproduce are
>>not 'directional'. By that, I mean (in case my terminology is off
>>[likely]) that one cannot determine the direction from which the low
>>frequencies came, or rather one cannot 'locate' the source of the low
>I don't agree with this "truism" about bass having no directionality.
>It's simply more difficult to localize bass frequencies, but given
>that you hear bass with your whole body I think you can perceive
>where different bass sounds are coming from.
>In a complex system with many speakers I think it works pretty well
>to use multiple subs. This is especially true in a listening
>environment such as a club where the audience is free to circulate.
>Also be aware that in a specialized setup the crossover frequency
>could be tweaked to suit the combination of speakers and architecture.
>Richard Zvonar, PhD
>(818) 788-2202