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AW: minimized loop setup

"minimized" is to be seen as "minimized vs. my big setup (including 8HU
angled rack, two synths, drum machine, FCB1010, VBass,...)

quick setup is also intended. Plug in the power chord, plug in the
guitar, connect the output to the PA...set.

I'm thinking about a suitcase (perhaps with detachable lid) where I
would put in one wooden board with the pedals plus the power
distribution attached to it, then another smaller board with the KP2 and
the MicroMod. 

>From what I've read and seen, those guitar multi-effect floorboards seem
to be in use by about anyone. So I might also use one of those. What is
the way to go - Boss (GT-8), Digitech,...?). Note that while I liked the
amp models of the POD XT Live, I didn't like its system structure, so
this one is not in the run.

And then there is the question "do I need anything else in addition to
the looper, the looper/delay, the MicroMod and the KP2"?

I actually want to have two loopers: one "main looper" somewhere near
the beginning of the chain (to be able to put effects on the looped
signal), and one delay with looping capabilities at the end of the
chain. For the latter, the only alternative to the DL4 seems to be the
Boss DD-20. For the first looper, I'm thinking about the Digitech
Jamman. It also offers a microphone input.

So one possible setup would be guitar->GT-8 (with Jamman in the effects
loop)->MicroMod->KP2->DD20/DL4. Or I could go with a super-cheap amp
modeler (read: Behringer XVAMP) and invest the money I saved in
comparison to the GT-8 into a nice wah and lots of


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Question - "minimized" OR "quick" set-up?

Personally, I would like both.  But I go for "quick" first. It is more
important when I am playing live.