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RE: EDP--Multiply question

That's windowing--
Any other options?
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Kris Hartung wrote:

I am no EDP expert (even though I have two of them and limp through the
features), but I believe you press Multiply...do your loop for how long you
want to redefine the original loop length, and then hit Record. That will
trucate the original loop length to your new Multiplied length. Works great
for creating order out of chaos.


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From: "Gary Lehmann" 

> Hi-
> In loop iii, you could reduce the loop size by pressing multiply then
> pressing it again during the first cycle-thus going back to one cycle.  
> there a way to do this in loop iv, short of rewindowing?
> Gary
> PS Saw Two For the Money, and heard small bits of Andre. Hooray!
> G