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Re: EDP--Multiply question

Kris Hartung wrote:
> I am no EDP expert (even though I have two of them and limp through the
> features), but I believe you press Multiply...do your loop for how long 
> want to redefine the orignal loop length, and then hit Record. That will
> trucate the original loop length to your new Multiplied length. Works 
> for creating order out of chaos.

This is Unrounded Multiply.  In addition to splicing out a section of the 
it also redefines the cycle length, the resulting loop will have one cycle.
It also sets the "loop window" so that Undo now moves the window.

There is also ReMultiply.  Once you have multiplied a loop to have several 
if you perform a Multiply ending with another Multiply, it will splice
out the cycles that elapsed during the multiply, but keep the original 
cycle length.
If for example you did a multiply over cycles 2 and 3 of a 4 cycle loop, 
will end up with a 2 cycle loop.  I don't think this sets the loop window.

I don't know anything about Loop III, but if you're having trouble with 
in Loop IV it may be because Quantize isn't set.  I generally use 
with Quantize=Cycle or SubCycle so I can get the splice to occur exactly
on a cycle boundary.  If quantize isn't on, my understanding is that it 
splices out an even multiple of cycles, but it starts wherever you were on 
first Multiply.