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Re: good lord...!

On Oct 26, 2005, at 5:18 AM, simeon harris wrote:
> http://www.disciplineglobalmobile.com/diary/photos/SVIIdebut.jpg

looks like Fripp gave up on that whole laptop guitar rig idea.

Keith Emerson had a wall of Leslies ... Klaus Schulze had a wall of 
Moog ... the Chovits had a wall of EDP ... Robert Fripp has a wall of 

i for one am jealous of his new rig.

4 The Knobs ... 110 buttons ... 20 multisegment LED signal meters ... 
714 seconds of cumulative delay time.

i'm very curious as to the details of his looping programmes on the 
H8000s and why he would need 2 of them. is he using factory presets or 
custom presets? Italo?
Eric Williamson