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RE: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

Title: RE: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

>>they're probably doomed...and I don't like that one bit...... What kind of a world have we created where instruments are inherently disposable?<<

I think craig's just getting old. he seems to be contradicting himself here. there aren't fewer guitars or keyboards being made now than there were in 1966 when his tele was born. probably just the opposite. anyone else think he just had a bad day with a computer?

the most popular virtual instruments are designed, largely, to either emulate real instruments of some interest that, for whatever reason (I'm choosing these words carefully, aren't I?) aren't widely available any more. & so we have the likes of the arturia moog "replacing" the real thing.

or they're designed to let you build new instruments from the ground up, like the thing that came bundled with my g/f's logic software, or the line6 variax toolbench.

yes, there's a lot of this stuff about, & yes it may have a finite lifespan because the support will go away sooner. but this isn't stopping fender & korg from selling thousands more real instruments every day than they could have dreamed of selling back in the 60s or 70s.



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