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Re: foot controllers

Thanks, I'm not sure I need a doctor.  As to my midi-capabilities, thanks
for your assessment and diagnosis.  Perhaps we are talking about different

What you've described is the footpedal for the EDP -- except with that 
is no dialing or programming.

My experience with midi footpedals goes back to 1991 - and that involved a
very different (and much more confusing) process than you've described.
Perhaps things are easier now.  This would be good.  I should try again.

BTW - The affect in your reply demonstrates you have a strong opinion about
this.  Strong opinions are good.  They demand recognition.  Affect however
tends to distract from points being made, and cloud impartiality.  Do not 
surprised if others, with differing opinions, "rise" to your level of
emotion, too.

David Kirkdorffer

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> While I don't make the looperlative or any other looper, I can't even
> begin to imagine why someone would begrudge the less than 5 minutes
> it takes to programme the entire pedal board, whichever midi board
> you use. Here it is, step by step - my gran could do it and she
> doesn't even own a CD player, let alone any midi equipment.
> step one, turn on looperlative
> step two, turn dial til 'midi buttons' shows on screen
> step three, press enter
> step four, push a midi pedal (assuming you've connected whichever
> floor board you have)
> step five, turn dial to select whichever function you want that pedal
> to control
> step six, press enter again.
> repeat that for each button.
> if you REALLY can't do that, or would be turned off buying a piece of
> kit with a feature set that you like because of having perform a task
> that a)takes less time than getting the kit out of the box in the
> first place and b) allows you to have the functions in any order
> wherever you want them, or programmed in different combinations for
> different songs, then we're so far from being on the same wavelength
> that I can't even comment. I'd suggest seeing a doctor.
> If it's a deal-breaker for you, go post it on the Looperlative forum
> and see what Bob says. www.looperlative.com ,
> Steve
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