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Re: foot controllers

WOW. That sounds so logical, so simple.It took me days to get my  
controller to work with the RPTR.

I can't wait.

On Dec 31, 2005, at 5:06 PM, Steve Lawson wrote:

> While I don't make the looperlative or any other looper, I can't  
> even begin to imagine why someone would begrudge the less than 5  
> minutes it takes to programme the entire pedal board, whichever  
> midi board you use. Here it is, step by step - my gran could do it  
> and she doesn't even own a CD player, let alone any midi equipment.
> step one, turn on looperlative
> step two, turn dial til 'midi buttons' shows on screen
> step three, press enter
> step four, push a midi pedal (assuming you've connected whichever  
> floor board you have)
> step five, turn dial to select whichever function you want that  
> pedal to control
> step six, press enter again.
> repeat that for each button.
> if you REALLY can't do that, or would be turned off buying a piece  
> of kit with a feature set that you like because of having perform a  
> task that a)takes less time than getting the kit out of the box in  
> the first place and b) allows you to have the functions in any  
> order wherever you want them, or programmed in different  
> combinations for different songs, then we're so far from being on  
> the same wavelength that I can't even comment. I'd suggest seeing a  
> doctor.
> If it's a deal-breaker for you, go post it on the Looperlative  
> forum and see what Bob says. www.looperlative.com ,
> Steve
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