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Re: sustainer guitar with hex pickup systems

Hey thanx a million for the tip i have talked to
Axel,what a nice guy!it turns out he is working on the
next Adrian Belew model a Parker fly which is going to
have every toy you can imagine built
in-sustainer,hex,midi,variax guitar modeling but is
probably going to cost somewhere around 7 grand:-(
i was also thrilled when he answered my mail in
spanish,i didnt know he was latinamerican!

--- FZ <pesissimo@tiscali.it> wrote:

> The one, the only - Axel Rudich at AR Guitar, a
> master in this exactly 
> this kind of work and incredibly helpful via e-mail
> too. Contact him at 
> info@arguitar.com
> Luis Angulo wrote:
> >Hi gang,
> >is anybody using a fernandes sustainer model guitar
> >with either an RMC or graphtech hex pickup system
> on
> >this list? i would like to try this configuration
> on
> >my fernandes sustainer guitat but would first like
> to
> >hear experiences comments and most important who
> can
> >do this sort of installations with plenty of
> >experience if possble in california.
> >thanx
> >Luis 
> >
> >www.luis-angulo.com
> >
> >  
> >


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