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Re: digitech pmc-10

At 08:25 AM 12/31/2005, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>Wasn't there some sort of memory-dropping issue with the PMC-10, or
>was that just related to old-gear-with-a-battery-that-needs-replacing?

I've had the impression it was the battery dying. If you get one of these 
pedals, you should probably get the battery replaced. The PMC-10 has been 
out of production a long time now, so the battery is likely dead or close 
to it in any unit you find. The PMC-10 yahoo group has discussion of 
where/how to replace the battery:

Having Sean Echevarria's PMC-10 editor "Raymond" makes it very easy to 
create/restore backups, and makes me feel a lot more secure about using 
this pedal. I've found this very valuable. Raymond also makes patch 
a breeze. Here is a link to Sean's site:

The hand programmer that came with the PMC-10 was not too hard to use, but 
mine used to break or get dirty switch contacts all the time. Now I never 
use the hand programmer and instead use Raymond. But if you did need to 
access the pedal that way and your hand programmer is busted, Bernhard has 
this useful site showing how to do it from the parallel port of a PC:

The PMC-10 had things pretty close to perfect for a MIDI pedal. They 
thought it out well. The hardware could have been a little more reliable, 
but it's not that bad if you take some care of it. It really shined in the 
full functionality and interface. Incredibly flexible, and not hard to use 
at all. It didn't have any of these arbitrary limitations that people 
complain about all the time on much newer pedals. I wish somebody would 
make a new pedal that simply copies it.


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