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AW: Y2K5 Pictures

And it's nice to see the people associated with the music we could listen 
on the webcast (or now in Kris' archives), or which we sometimes know (in 
case only) from email contact or even an artistic collaboration.

And to have a look and see: do the persons look like the music they play -
do they look like the personality they are (which the sometimes do, 
don't do - at least for me).

And I keep wondering: I understand how a guy manages to suddenly look
decades older during the course of a set. How they manage to grow a long
beard or even change their ethnicity is beyond my understanding ;-)

(sorry, couldn't resist. Thanks for the effort, Mark!)


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Very nice work, Mark. 


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> A new, complete, and I trust IE friendly (it's basically all Flash)  
> gallery and slideshow for Y2K5 is at last available at:
> http://y2k5.grubmah.com
> Sorry it took so long.
> Mark