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Re: foot controllers

David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> As to how ease or hard it is to program a midi footpedal - the process 
> describe with the Looperlative sounds easy enough.  Reading threads like 
> current "digitech pmc-10" thread (latencies, creating/restoring 
> programming glitches, programming manuals...) have left me with the
> impression that midi pedals are generally not just "plug and play" 

For me as I use programmable software, a pedal or footcontroler does not 
need any! programability. It could send whatever seems apropriate. I'd 
deal with it in the software.

The concept of the Looperlative is exactly the optimum. Forget about 
programming your pedal ever again!

Think in terms of flow of information. Its way easier to tell the loop 
box which you want to control, what your footpedal sends: just hit the 
button, move the pedal, than the other way round: to teach the footpedal 
what your gear wants to hear. You have to study Midi implementation 
charts and alike and finally hit some weird button combinations to make 
it happen if its able to do it at all. (technocratic nightmares invented 
from dip switch programmers)

In other words, put the inteligence into the looper, not into the pedal.

But of course there is gear which needs intelligent foot controllers 



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