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Re: Guidance In Buying First Loop Machine

This was a post by Peter Toms - he was in contact with the people that had 
announced Repeater Mk II.


From: Peter Toms <ptoms@...>
Date: Tue Dec 6, 2005  10:49 am
Subject: Re: [repeater-users] Reverse engineer Repeater OS? ptoms@...

Hi all - I've tried in the last several days to contact Electrix with no
luck. The numbers I had for them are disconnected, so I fear the worst.
The situation as I heard last is that they had completed a beta version
of the OS 2, and that they'd released it in LA to a few folks - anyone
know more about this?

I've been trying to find the original OS engineer from Victoria BC, thus
far with no luck.

The issue with reverse engineering the OS is that it's encrypted and we
would need a key - but hey I bet that isn't beyond some on this list. I
agree it should go open source if it were possible.

I have some parts, really only a few things, pots and knobs, encoders. I
stopped making the power supplies but could start up again. Everything
on the board is industry stuff. There are a couple flash roms with
firmware specific to the unit. These will be hard to replace but not
impossible. Fortunately they don't seem to go bad.

Lastly, I've developed a mod for noise reduction in the Repeater, along
with SVG on this list, that is really quite superb though intensive.
We'll be releasing this very shortly probably on this list and on
Looper's delight. If you're good you can do it yourself, but don't try
it unless you've got excellent skills. Give it to a tech, or send it to
me and I will do it for you. It reduces output noise in the machine by
over 25 dB. YES!!!!

--- Peter Toms

At 2006.01.03 06:39 PM, Kelly Coyle wrote:
>Say, could you copy and paste that? I don't have a Yahoo group
>account, but I do have a preorder for a Repeater.
>Music: http://www.kellycoyle.net
>Blog: http://wwwquotidianme.blogspot.com/
>On Jan 3, 2006, at 8:37 PM, Sean Echevarria wrote:
>>This doesn't bode well:
>>At 2006.01.03 06:24 PM, Jeff Shirkey wrote:
>>>>   The
>>>>Repeater II is vaporware at this point.
>>>As is the deposit that I put down for one. Gone into thin air. Poof!
>>>I'm tempted to call and get a refund.
>>>Does anyone have any insight as to whether or not they'll
>>>materialize? NAMM update perhaps?