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Re: Mobius/Windows: how to stop loops

On 4 jan 2006, at 05.17, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

> Just had my first trial run with Mobius as a plugin in Live. I came  
> across
> an issue in the function (or UI) which I could not solve myself -  
> anyone
> able to help me?
> How does one stop and restart a loop? The things you do on most  
> loopers by
> hitting the play button while a loop is playing, or by hitting a  
> dedicated
> stop button.
>       Rainer


That's an overwhelming question! Never in my looping life (starting  
with tape delays in 1979) I have even been thinking about "stopping  
and starting" loops, when playing! But I certainly do it in samplers  
and in Ableton Live (which i.e. is a sampler, model magnificent), but  
I have never been able to incorporate that functionality in my live- 
looping playing abilities. Thinking it over now I just don't know if  
you can "stop and start loops" in Möbius. I've been spending the last  
two weeks assigning MIDI and Key buttons to all kinds of Möbius  
parameters but funny thing is that I have really not been thinking  
about "starting and stopping loops". I've been fully content with  
assigning buttons to "Mute" Möbius tracks or "solo" a track in  
Ableton Live (if distributing Möbius tracks over dedicated Live mixer  
tracks) to silence the rest. Or using faders to fade up/down tracks  
where different loops are spinning.

As with the EDP I've been using retrigger functions with Möbius, but  
that's only half of it; "starting" or should I say "re-starting". To  
start a loop I play it while holding down a "record" button. Then  
it's up and spinning and I go on, eventually muting it or adjusting  
the level etc. But to "stop the loop"... jeez... I guess you could do  
that, but I don't know how or why ;-)  Interesting thought, though.  
Maybe this can be done in "Sampler Mode", I can't tell - but it might  
be worth looking into.

There is a function called "Reset" that I use to "stop" loops, but  
then they are deleted as well. As I did back in my Repeater days, I  
have set up a "Global Reset" in Möbius to erase every loop that is  
spinning in the system. The button assigned to that function is  
safely located two empty banks away from the "performing banks" on my  
FCB pedal and I only use that final button to finish off a piece in a  
radical way ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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