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Re: Repeater viability

     Sorry, I didn't mean to jump down your throat.  Peter and I are in 
close contact as I'm in
his shop every few weeks or on the phone with him every few days.  He's 
not on the LD list, though
he usually tries to post on the Yahoo list.  Basically he's on a 
Non-disclosure agreement with
Electrix so when he posted that he hadn't heard from them in a long time, 
that was true.  Then he
got through eventually and I can't tell you what they talked about or else 
I'd have to kill you.

     To me, the news is neither here nor there.  It just means that our 
worst fears have not yet
come to pass.  :)


<<Right, rumors aren't good.  I posted a copy of a message that Peter sent 
to a yahoo group.  It
would be good if Peter himself would corroborate your news.  Although he 
has made posts to the
repeater group since Dec 6, he has not mentioned being in contact with 

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