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Re: FCB1010 gig bag (?) 10.99 -WARNING!!!!!!! PLEASE READ!

I just called Interstate music to order this item and the part number they
have is actually for a Fender 5 way pickup switch.


The sales person I spoke to thinks it s wrong part number/price on the

They are not sure if they are going to match the 10.99 price and he is
supposed to call me back tomorrow. Might want to double check your orders 
you have made any.


on 1/4/06 4:37 PM, Per Boysen at per@boysen.se wrote:

> On 4 jan 2006, at 22.16, Zoe Keating wrote:
>> I found that most rectangular violin cases fit the pedal EXACTLY.
> Oh yes, I had forgotten you wrote that last week.
>> The retro ones have less molding inside and I just had to rip out
>> the pieces that normally hold the neck of the violin. Otherwise
>> you'd have to take out the molded foam.
> Great tip. I'll research local violin stores. Thanks! :-)
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