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RE: First Drum Loop in the book "The Art of Digital Music"

Darn... All these years I thought that was the most brilliant minimalist
drumming I'd ever heard - especially the stops and restarts. Crap, another
beautiful illusion dispelled. (In a Silent Way is *way* up there on my list
of best ever records - I've gone through about 4 copies of it on LP and 

It does bring up an interesting point about loop music, though. There are
lots of pieces I do when I don't do anything complicated in the loop - just
a bass ostinato, usually. It would be relatively easy to find a bass player
who could play any of those parts live without a loop, but near-impossible
to find one who *would*. And extra human variability and/or creativity in
those parts is not always a good thing, for my purposes.

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> travis wrote:
> "Really?  I thought he just looped that first few minutes in 
> one big 2-track splice, so you hear the first few minutes 
> twice before the side develops for another fifteen-odd 
> minutes of all-live playing."
> Not according to the liner notes of the new digital remix of 
> the record 
> (which sounds fantastic, by the way).
> ........   also,   that rolling 16th note hi hat pattern 
> comes and goes 
> several different times
>  in the first song.............quite obviously a loop.   I can also 
> distinctly hear different tabla parts coming in an out later on .
> r.