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RE: First Drum Loop in the book "The Art of Digital Music"

Title: RE: First Drum Loop in the book "The Art of Digital Music"

>> [snip] just a bass ostinato, usually. It would be relatively easy to find a bass player who could play any of those parts live without a loop, but near impossible to find one who *would*. And extra human variability and/or creativity in those parts is not always a good thing, for my purposes.<<

something I've considered on many occasions, this, as a bassist in a band that uses analogue sequencing & real drums.

me & the drummer were brought up on can & pil & bill laswell (new york gong, anyone?), & I often wondered what it was that kept the rhythm sections playing the same thing over & over (or rather, where it was that they went to in their heads whilst doing it).

I've tried playing the same thing over & over on the bass, & I just don't have the discipline. I can hear it in my head alright, but my hands want to be john entwhistle or geddy lee instead.

nearest I came, ironically, was when we were the pickup band for damo suzuki, whose "network" gigs tend to attract musicians who end up playing a bit like can. not all the time, mind, but it happens a lot. about half of our set was can-like, while the rest was utter chaos.

I have a recording of solaris doing a set for the bbc; mr wobble plays the same bassline for 20 minutes. I mean, I'd go mad. couldn't do it.