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OT: FS: Keeley Electronics Compressor

Hey there all-

I was gonna put this on Ebay, but thought I'd throw it out here first.

I've got a brand new, still under warranty, Keeley Electronics Compressor 
pedal.  It's been used about 2 hours.  I just got it as a gift, and I need 
raise money to produce a new album, so I'm thinning the pedal herd.  This 
is a fantastic, award-winning, poll-topping, compressor pedal.  Very 
quiet.  I'd love to keep it, but, well...something's gotta go.  Gotta buy 
some studio time.

Most of you probably know about Keeley and this pedal, but for those who 
don't, here's a link.


Anyway, new from Keeley, pedal goes for $219.  I'd like to get $194, 
saving you $25. Will ship for free in continental US.


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