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Re: Mitigator for sale

Gary Lehmann wrote:
> Yes, the PMC does all that--and my mistake on the momentary function 
> 'cause the PMC has that ability but I thought the RFC did not.
> The PMC has 500 patch slots, 9 patches per bank, and 5 sets, so it has 
> stuff than the RFC--and some other functions, something called enhanced 
> where it goes back to a previous patch, and an A and B string for each
> patch--hey, the Mitigator doesn't have that, how can it have momentary?

The RFC has an option called "Keyboard Mode" which can be independently
enabled for each of the 640 "command strings".  When enabled, if the
command string contains any Note On messages, the corresponding Note Off
messages will be sent when the switch is released.

The main drawback for me is that it has only 5 buttons.  You can use
a pair of Inc/Dec buttons to scroll through different assignments,
but only 5 are instantly available at a time.   The buttons can send
anything when pressed, but can only send note off's when released.
It is about 2 inches narrower than an FCB1010 and about the same
height and depth.  It weighs less.

I also have one in near mint condition I would consider selling, contact
me off list if you're interested.