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Re: Tabla machines with MIDI

Hi David,

I love tablas. This isn't a direct answer to your question, but you
may find it works for you. I was able to make a midi controlled tabla
drum machine using my computer. I'm using windows, but I believe the
software is available in mac versions as well. All the software was

You can download a nice set of free tabla samples from:
A ways down the page is tabla.rar.
(provided by:   alain vogt      upload date:    2001.09.10)
There are thirty different strokes in the set of samples.

Download that and extract it. (ExtractNow is a nice piece of free
windows software that will do the extraction)

Loopazoid is a free VST drum machine that will load the tabla samples.
It was later developed into the commercial product "Battery" by Native

You can load the samples into Loopazoid, and then play them via Midi
in any VST compatible software (I use EnergyXT). Let me know, I'd be
happy to send you (or anyone else) the Loopazoid patch I wrote for the
samples. It's written so the left and right hand strokes are "mute
groups", and cut off any previous strokes from that hand.

There was also a "Tablatronic" version of Rebirth floating around a
few years back. I think you can get Rebirth for free now, though it
can be a little fussy with sync.

On 1/5/06, David Morton <dmorton@gmail.com> wrote:
> I know we discussed electronic tabla machines a while back, but I
> wondered if anyone could answer an additional question.
> I'm familar with the standard models, like the Riyaz Master and the
> Taal Tarang, but neither of these has any form of MIDI.
> I discover that there's a new model, called the Taalmala Digi-100
> which *does* have MIDI. However Google as I might, I can't find
> anything out about its MIDI implementation, and if it sends and/or
> receives MIDI clock.
> I've emailed the manufacturers, and await a response, but in the
> meantime I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone had more information.
> D

Art Simon