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RE: AW: Need advice for costumizable GUI monitoring software


If you want something really simple - an object that flashes when a
particular midi message is sent to it, I'd be happy to whip you up 
in MAX. You have to get the midi signal to it, of course, and there's a 
MAX runtime that you can use, so you don't have to buy MAX. 

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> Subject: Re: AW: Need advice for costumizable GUI monitoring software
> On 5 jan 2006, at 23.12, Art Simon wrote:
> > Bidule maybe? At least it's Mac and Windows. You have to pay $75 to 
> > get the VST version.
> Thanks! I already own Bidule, but the question is "Can it create  
> graphic indicators for monitoring MIDI throughput"?
> (I'm not terrorizing the list, only hoping that someone out there  
> have already tried what I'm up to... an "experienced advice" would  
> save me a lot of time)
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