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Re: Using a laptop onstage: Dominic Frasca's take is misguided

Sure, but my point in using the Apple Store price is that it's more
standardized and readily available.  For the current model, the 17"
PowerBook, the Apple price is $2499, and the current model EDP (for
instance) is $799.  I'm sure one can find an older beige EDP with an
earlier version of the software for less, but the two prices quoted
above are reliably available to everyone.


PS: is your sig a Zork quote?

On 1/5/06, mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> At 11:19 AM -0800 1/5/06, Travis Hartnett wrote:
> >Yeah, trying to figure the actual cost of a computer system for music
> >can be tricky.  My example of $3K for the PowerBook was based on the
> >price of a 17" display model with the RAM maxed out.  The base price
> >for that model on the Apple Store right now is $2500, and once you put
> >in the RAM and pay tax, you're not getting much change back from three
> >large.  Maybe one can get by with a smaller screen and slower
> >processor, it really depends on how you're going to use it.  I've
> >grown used to the 17" display on my flat panel iMac which I use for
> >ProTools, and whenever I have to go back to a smaller screen, it feels
> >cramped, but of course it can be done.
> Minor addendum on the numbers:
> I just sprung for a 17" Powerbook this week (FedEx is bringing it
> even now) because the wife was pointing out that I always buy cool
> toys for myself, but not her.  The model you're looking at on the
> Apple Store is for the spiffy new 17" with the improved display.  It
> has an increased screen resolution, but not much more.
> As a result, the 17" with the normal display has been reduced in
> price from a lot of the different outlets.  I just purchased a
> 1.67Mhz 17" with 1.5 gigs of memory (they didn't have a sale offer on
> expanding it up to 2 gigs) for only $1949.  No sales tax (except in
> CA), either.  This deal is available at LA Computer Company.  Also,
> Mac Connection is doing the 17" 1.67Mhz with base 512meg memory for
> only $1799, after $100 rebate (also comes with a free printer).
> These are all brand new Apple product, with full factory warranty.
> You can probably do even better if you're willing to look around at
> factory refurbs from someplace like Small Dog, or Tech Restore.
> So, you can get some pretty comparable deals on Macs, if you know
> where to look.  About 33% down from your original estimate.
> And, yes, I know I should have probably waited another 6-8 months
> until the first models ship on the Intel platform, but ongoing
> domestic bliss is far more important in the long run.  ;)
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