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Equipment stand ideas

I need some equipment stand ideas, kids....I have a 6 space rack, and a
small 12 channel mixer. I want to avoid lugging out more stuff that is
needed, and compact stands would be better than dragging out a whole café
table. I hate excessive setup time (and often don't have that luxury), and
want something that looks nice too. 

So, what do y'all use to put the racks on for gigs? I have used a few

- an X style keyboard stand, with the mixer on top of the rack. This would
work great, as the X stand is light and folds almost flat. However, it 
very stable. I have never had it fall, but have come very close. 

- a small amp stand for the rack which makes it face around 45 degrees up.
Great to get to the EDP buttons, but then I have to bring a small plant
stand for the mixer since it won't fit on the rack case at that angle. 

- I have gone to a small Behringer rack mixer too, although it doesn't 
as good as my Mackie, and doesn't have as many options. I am thinking about
just going back to the Mackie. It takes a little longer to set up (5mins)
and breaks the 'more to bring to a gig' rule, but it sounds so good. 

Any other ideas I am not thinking of? Sometimes I sit, sometimes stand, so
it has to be reachable- at least viewable, so I can glance at the displays-
otherwist I'd just put the rack on the floor (damn LCD screens!). Some
people use equipment cases, which are great, but I don't bring equipment
that big to require a huge case.  So, I am open to ideas.
PVC? Luggage stands? TV Trays? Rope from the ceiling? Busty models? (what 
odd selection of ideas...)

Dave Eichenberger