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Re: new gadget

Just ordered one from Amazon.com at $109.00.  This was the best price I 
found -(Also available on ebay, Music123, Musicians Friend etc. at 
street price of $149.00.)  Not having an "iPod" I also ordered a 
compatible SanDisk 1GB Cruzer Mini USB flash drive as the target 
device.  Hopefully everything works as advertised.  I'll post 
impression/ review in about a week. - Paul
PS: Plan on using it to record solo gigs etc. for reference (direct out 
from "UltraSound" acoustic guitar amp).

On Jan 7, 2006, at 8:34 AM, burnett@pobox.com wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Jan 2006, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>> all- apologies if this thing has been mentioned here before & escaped 
>> my
>> notice..... from time to time in the past, we have discussed & 
>> debated the
>> most cost-effective &/or reliable way of preserving performances for 
>> later
>> re-appreciation. minidiscs, dats, laptops, cassette recorders, mini 
>> hard
>> disc recorders & even things that use flash memory.
>> I saw this effort:
>> http://www.ikey-audio.com/
>> in the UK sound-on-sound rag just before the christmas winterval. 
>> seems to
>> fit the bill- no mic pre's, but then I don't think I'd use them if 
>> they were
>> there. much better to invest in a dedicated portable mic pre-amp, as 
>> those
>> of us using minidisc walkthings will know.
>> $230 I think.... mine is costing 130.
>> but this thing can record from it's rca jacks (we call 'em phonos 
>> over here)
>> straight onto pretty much any usb storage device, as uncompressed wav 
>> or a
>> variety of mp3 templates, & it only has two buttons. you can even 
>> connect it
>> straight onto one of those ipod things.
>> what could possibly go wrong? I wish they'd left off the level 
>> control, as
>> it looks suspiciously like one of those walkman volume controls that 
>> go
>> crackly after six weeks, but maybe I'll pry the lid off & remove that 
>> from
>> the equation.
>> I've got one on the way- I'll let you all know how rubbish it is in a 
>> few
>> days!
> Let us know, please - I've been looking for a device for this kind of 
> thing for field recording, and this looks perfect. If, of course, it's 
> not rubbish :).
> best,
> Steve B
> http://www.subscapeannex.com/about_steve.html