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RE: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

Just a little "vote" to say YES to this idea!  I'm looking to put out a CD
sometime soon, and would find this information very valuable.

Love this group...


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Subject: Re: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

Kris wrote:

> I'm sold on CD Baby too, but the other day I just got an email from 
> eBuzz, wanting me to sell my CD Xperimentus on their site. They use 
> data from Electronic Musician to show that they have better sales than 
> CD Baby and Amazon Advantage.

As long as any of these sites are not forcing exclusivity on
sales.......................the more the merrier.

Why don't we collate all of the different ways to get online distribution 
a resource for this community?
Perhaps we could put up a page here at Loopers Delight that let's people
know how to use these resources and how to do so.