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Re: OT (sorta): Putting out your CD

Here's a start:

CD Baby

Website: http://www.cdbaby.net/
Setup Fees: $35 (extra $20 for digital distribution)
% or $$ Take of CD Sale: $4
Digital download service distribution? Yes
Digital sales on site? No

Amazon Advantage

Someone started for us already:


Oviously not the whole picture, however.


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> Just a little "vote" to say YES to this idea!  I'm looking to put out a 
> sometime soon, and would find this information very valuable.
> Love this group...
> Cass
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> Kris wrote:
>> I'm sold on CD Baby too, but the other day I just got an email from
>> eBuzz, wanting me to sell my CD Xperimentus on their site. They use
>> data from Electronic Musician to show that they have better sales than
>> CD Baby and Amazon Advantage.
> As long as any of these sites are not forcing exclusivity on
> sales.......................the more the merrier.
> Why don't we collate all of the different ways to get online 
> as
> a resource for this community?
> Perhaps we could put up a page here at Loopers Delight that let's people
> know how to use these resources and how to do so.