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Re: Electrix Website Down: a bad omen?

On Jan 7, 2006, at 12:43 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:
> you the full story?  I'm rooting for Electrix but not
> counting on them.


you're being far too generous.

Electrix II: Electrix Boogaloo does not actually exist. it was all a 
big joke designed to piss this list off.

there was never any intention to ship. this was merely one wealthy 
lunatic's idea of a joke. if you don't believe me, go find the guy. he 
will verify this.

the proposed feature set for Repeater Boogaloo was obviously impossible 
and designed only to make us think something nice was going to happen.

manufacturers need to keep their trap shut until they can demonstrate 
an ability to deliver. behaviour like this is disappointing.
Eric Williamson