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Re: new gadget

These people have it for $109:

But I got Musician's Friend to match the price since I've never heard of Audio Discounters and I couldn't find anything on their site or the web to convince me they really exist.


On Jan 9, 2006, at 9:27 AM, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

>>Just ordered one from Amazon.com at $109.00.<<

sh*t the bed, that's cheap! I think amazon have closed their loophole (npi) or I'd order more from the US instead of getting burned by euro-hiked import pricing. damn.

>>Let us know, please - I've been looking for a device for this kind of thing for field recording, and this looks perfect. If, of course, it's not rubbish<<

I hooked it up to my two sony jukebox 400-disc cd players (both on random, & crossfading back & forth every 90 seconds- I fill hours of minidisc like this & then try to identify each excerpt.... great fun) & filled up a 1Gb memory stick, which I then dragged into vegas on my pc.

all looks to be in order, & there don't appear to be any nasty noises or glitches or anything.

their caveat is to make sure y'r target storage is either completely empty or recently defragged. I haven't tried it with a hard-drive yet, but that's next.... I have one of these IDE-USB converter things. if it supports that, it will be able to record for hours & hours....

oh. the battery life isn't too hot.