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Re: foot (cont) roller

I would be interested in buying one, if the price doesn't run up too  
far (I'm not particularly wealthy). I would like to also have one,  
two or three step-down buttons in front of the roller ("on/off" type  
that can be set to CC's momentary, MIDI note alternating or MIDI note  

This is a great idea, Number Nine!


On 9 jan 2006, at 20.38, numbernine@gmx.net wrote:

> I have got an idea for a MIDI foot controller, that I I've never seen
> somewhere. If it exists please tell me.
> I think about a roll (or roller, or barrel, don't know the precise
> english term). I put a (very simple) sketch at
> http://matthias.loibner.net/files/contRoller.jpg
> It should have an endless rotary encoder and send relative continuos
> controller data.
> I think it has some advanteges compared to a pedal.
> When you switch the function of the pedal at your hardware or in
> your software, the parameter you wish to control can have a different
> value from the position of the pedal, so you need either to adapt the
> pedal to the needed position, or as relative movement you might not
> have enough way to control what you want.
> The roller could be more subtle to change a value, when you touch it.
> With a pedal I always fear to touch it too hard or accidentely.
> I guess a pedal is much better for controls where your movement is
> part of the music like a whawha, but for mixing or fine-control your
> effects I can imagine a roller or a set of four coud do a better job.
> 1st of all: what do you think?
> 2nd:
> I've got a friend and can maybe persuade him to build me one or two of
> these rollers. Is there anybody on the list who could imagine to be
> interested in having abother one. This is not an order. I even can't
> tell if he will do it at the moment. But if he can make an amount like
> 10 he is maybe easier to convince to do it sooner.
> Matthias (L)