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Re: foot (cont) roller

something like the Boomerang volume controller
Adrian Bartholomew
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On Jan 9, 2006, at 1:38 PM, numbernine@gmx.net wrote:

I have got an idea for a MIDI foot controller, that I I've never seen
somewhere. If it exists please tell me.

I think about a roll (or roller, or barrel, don't know the precise
english term). I put a (very simple) sketch at

It should have an endless rotary encoder and send relative continuos
controller data.
I think it has some advanteges compared to a pedal.

When you switch the function of the pedal at your hardware or in
your software, the parameter you wish to control can have a different
value from the position of the pedal, so you need either to adapt the
pedal to the needed position, or as relative movement you might not
have enough way to control what you want.
The roller could be more subtle to change a value, when you touch it.
With a pedal I always fear to touch it too hard or accidentely.

I guess a pedal is much better for controls where your movement is
part of the music like a whawha, but for mixing or fine-control your
effects I can imagine a roller or a set of four coud do a better job.

1st of all: what do you think?

I've got a friend and can maybe persuade him to build me one or two of
these rollers. Is there anybody on the list who could imagine to be
interested in having abother one. This is not an order. I even can't
tell if he will do it at the moment. But if he can make an amount like
10 he is maybe easier to convince to do it sooner.

Matthias (L)