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MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

On 10 jan 2006, at 00.57, mark sottilaro wrote:

> I'm often just wanting
> fast good drums that A) change like a song (or can be
> quickly made to do so) and B) will give me clock out
> for my Repeater.
> Will Stylus RMX do the trick?  I don't care if it's
> very "preset" as I have lots that isn't.

No. RMX doesn't have a sequencing engine and thus no MIDI Clock  
output option. RMX is not MIDI sequence programmable, as for example  
GURU or iDrum. It is a plug-in and as such has to be opened inside a  
host application. Then the host is to provide the MID Clock pulse.  
You don't need to fire up the entire DP as host, there are small, but  
yet sufficient, hosts like Racks for OSX or Bidule for Windows/Mac.

> fast good drums that A) change like a song (or can be
> quickly made to do so

Yes, definitely! Why not pop over to Spectrasonics web site and watch  
the info movies?

Short note:
RMX is very versatile. It can be used as a "Loop Player" (standalone  
or plug-in) as well as a "Drum Sample Player" (plug-in). As a loop  
player you may line up loops on eight parallel tracks, and if you do  
that it will bog down the CPU a lot. This is why some people think  
that "RMX is not CPU friendly". The truth is that you may be very  
well set with using only one stereo track out of eight and used this  
way RMX is quite CPU friendly. I have been able to run it live on a  
1.25 MHz PowerBook together with Ableton Live and two stereo tracks  
of Tape Delay Style looping (feedback, overdub).

I must be said though, that RMX has its own, clearly recognizable,  
sound. All presets impose that typical "Huge, Wide American Drum  
Sound" that either make you feel omnipotent or go sick ;-)  You hear  
RMX being used on a lot of commercial spots these days, it's so easy  
to pick when you know that sound - seems like the pro's love presets.  
But it's also possible to record your own drum performances and load  
them up as RMX loops. To do that you need ReCycle, or any other  
application that can save a recording as REX files.

No other DRUM solution has as good and user friendly built in random  
scripting options as RMX. Meaning that with careful setting up only  
one drum loop may left to play in the background while still sounding  
"human" with a lot of variations.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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