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Re: question for KIM & new upload

On 9 Jan 2006 at 20:06, Kim Flint wrote:

>  If I change it just for those 2 then I'll probably
> get a whole bunch of other people complaining that they want it back
> the other way.

I can't see that they would - if you're NOT in digest mode, it makes 
no difference. If you *are* in digest mode, you choose that option to 
a) reduce the volume of emails and b) make it easy to read LD 
messages quickly and easily. 

The current digest limit is a "halfway house" and I can see no 
advantage to having 3 small digests (as arrived this morning) to one 
single daily digest. I'm on a dozen or so such lists and all are set 
to "daily". Reconfigging listerserver to do this is, I understand, a 
matter of a few seconds work.

I don't know how other packges handle digests, but I have to open the 
message, then open each digest entry. Closing down the digest is 
another 2 stage process. This is then repeated for each of the other 
digests. I shan't gnaw this particular bone any longer, but the logic 
seems pretty clear to me.

By way of apology for banging on, I've uploaded a recent piece to my 
website, a tranquil 2.20 called Shen, dedicated to my origami mentor, 
the late Philip Shen.


All the best,

Nick Robinson