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Re:Re: Re: 639 Year Long Concert - Cage Composition - "ASLSP"

At 23:20 09/01/06, you wrote:
> > 4'33 is not a silent piece of music.
> > The score plainly states that the performer should open doors and
> > windows at the venue in order to maximize the amount of background 
>The piece itself is silent -- it prescribes no sounds of any types.

The score prescribes the maximisation of "background" sound.
It was intended to be listened to as music.
The "point" appears to be not the absence of sounds on the score,
but rather that in the absence of those sounds there was still 
something to listen to.
As I understand it, Cage's intention was to demonstrate that any
sound can be music.
:-) so you "got it" exactly.

andy butler