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Re: AW: LWL (looping with laptops) - multi-FX VST and compressor/limiter VST

I've been very impressed with Amplitube's processor usage for both amp 
simulation and reverb.  I won't tell you i like their sound quality, but 
it's efficient and passable.  I wouldn't dream of replacing a guitar amp 
with this plugin, but it can spice up a guitar tone...that goes for NI 
guitar rig 1, simulanalog, warp, and a few others i've tried but can't 
remember - I noticed they all used much more processor though.  I use a 
seperate instance of amplitube just for the reverb unit...it won for live 
use after I tried many reverb plugins - freeverb being one of the least 
efficient.  I have a 2.4Ghz single core fujitsu C, it's not bad but I 
run too many plugins live without glitches.  The processor is between 30% 
and 65% usage (depending on how many notes I'm playing) running the 
following plugins simultaneously under Bidule:
NI Kontakt
Steinberg The Grand
Rekliner Loopy Llama
Rekliner TremoLlama
IK Multimedia Amplitube (2 instances) 

A bit more info at the bottom of this page: 


Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill writes: 

> I should have been more specific when talking about the multi-fx. I don't
> need pristine or even decent quality, especially not from the reverb 
> is because all the reverbs I have been using in the last years were 
> artifical on purpose). If a chorus sounds like it has been done with a
> Commodore C64, then so be it. 
> From the plugin market I'm aware of, think PSP Nitro for people without
> enough CPU power... 
>       Rainer