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Re: crappy music of the masses

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From: "Kris Hartung" <khartung@cableone.net>

> Sorry folks. It all seems like art and just another form of expression 
> me. It's all permitted.  It's just not reaching out to greet you at the 
> door.

I think I have to agree with Kris here.  Humans have a huge range of 
emotions and music reflects that.    On the other hand, I think what 
was trying to point out is the commercialized feeding of 'crappy music' to 
the masses.  Look at the origins of rap and metal and one can see why they 
are hard, violent forms of music.  But there's this glorification of it 
(hate, violence, etc) by the industry to make money that has nothing to do 
with why that music was created in the first place.  Look at guys like 50 
cent, Notorious B.I.G. and Snoop Dog, they all lived on the streets, had 
rough violent lives and sang about it.  Is that much different from guys 
like Woody Guthrie singing about the depression and workers revolts?  Yet, 
there are so many artitst who are hanging on the coat-tails of the 
and making copycat music just for the fame and fortune.  That's crap and 
fake and dishonest art IMHO.

>Of course, I'm repulsed by most of it as well, as some art should do to 
>ina healthy system of artist expression. If it doesn't than what a

Isn't that the point of a lot of art?  To push our sensibilities?  To show 
us the edge?  You only know how far you can go if you go too far.

> sorry ass, monochromatic, undiverisifed, and basically soporific boring 
> world we would live in. Now that would make me angry. Getting angry at 
> people getting angry and expressing it via music seems like a tremdous 
> waste of artistic energy.

I can't be bothered getting angry at any of them.  But it... well.. annoys 
me that there are so many pretending to be angry.

I for one like metal.  I went to see Anthrax last night and it had to be 
of the most fun shows I've been to in a while.  Lots of people singing and 
jumping up and down and headbanging and having a GOOD TIME.  The reason I 
see someone like Anthrax, or Opeth, or Judas Priest, is different from why 
go see someone like King Crimson.  When I see a metal band, it's because I 
want to let loose, have fun, bang my head and get a little crazy.  I see 
because I want to sit and listen.  It's just too boring to be a stuffy old 
proghead. :)

> The anger, hatred, and violence in gangsta & metal genres astounds me.
> What a waste of a day to spend it pissed off at the world.  And of

I don't find it that astounding.  Lots of people have lives that suck and 
lots of people identify with it.  What I find humorous are the 
class kids who try to identify with it.  Pissed off suburban teenagers 
driving around in daddy's BMW.  Then again, I remember driving around with 
my friend in his dad's Cadillac listening to Black Sabbath.  Well, we 
weren't pissed off so much as, um, pissed. ;)

Another 2 cents...


> Just my 2 cents, man....
> K-
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> From: "Todd Pafford" <calenlas@gmail.com>
> To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 11:21 AM
> Subject: Re: crappy music of the masses
> Agreed, d.s..
> The anger, hatred, and violence in gangsta & metal genres astounds me.
> What a waste of a day to spend it pissed off at the world.  And of
> course there's the rampant consumerism in the pop & hip-hop genres.
> Bleh.
> The saddest thing to me is that most hip young people don't read.  (Of
> course, it was the same in my day too.)  So here we have a situation
> where folks spend all day pissed off, thinking about the latest
> fashions and bling to spend their dough on, and not learning anything
> from several thousand years of human existence and not critically
> thinking about how they're living.  It's a sad and pitiable waste of
> life.
> T.
> On 1/11/06, daniel stevenson <stillllscary@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>      who keeps pushing this crappy music to the ignorant masses?im sick 
>> of
>> it to the point of violence! the cocaine pushing rap music...the 
>> rabble of big guitar rock...all the pedofilic pop music aimed at
>> kids...where is the art? its no puzzel...kill em all and feed em to the 
>> fat
>> greedy humans in buffet lines!
>>      angry about it,
>>                            scary!
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