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Re: crappy music of the masses

Take heart, Daniel.  The in-crowd among today's young, including my 25 yo son, are fans of top notch techno music.  In the course of listening to and promoting John's music, I've become an instant fan of certain techno greats:  Crystal Method, Chemical Bros, DJ Krush and Prodigy so far.  These people are genuine loopers and do a credible job performing live, so John tells me.  Maybe they are just glorified DJs, but the best of them incorporate melodic instruments other than samples and synthesizers, even some guitar and offbeat vocals. 
So while the lost boys and girls of the musically "ignorant masses" are mindlessly listening to mainstream rock/pop/hop, the young cognocenti are into experimental jazz, techno and the like.  They buy CDs too.  From what I've seen, I'm encouraged.  - CW
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Subject: crappy music of the masses

     who keeps pushing this crappy music to the ignorant masses?im sick of it to the point of violence! the cocaine pushing rap music...the mindless rabble of big guitar rock...all the pedofilic pop music aimed at kids...where is the art? its no puzzel...kill em all and feed em to the fat greedy humans in buffet lines!
     angry about it,

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