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AW: MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

> What I may not have said is that I LOVE programming beats and 
> I totally get a kick out of it... but then all of the sudden 
> the night is gone and I've not touched my guitar which makes 
> me sad.  I'm going to try to keep beat production down to 2 
> nights a week.

To keep this stuff more time-saving, try this approach (which was actually 
working technique I was referring to with my original post that started the
thread): start to play a song. record a loop (say, with keys or guitar or
voice or percussion drill or whatever you like). Now program a drum pattern
that fits with it, and have it finished before listening to the loop gets
boring. (This is a very...relative specification, but let's say you usually
got like 4 runs of the entire loop, which if it's a 4-bar loop and you're
programming a 1-bar drum groove, gives you about 16 bar times to program 
bar. You might skip in a few effects uses, or do some local reverse actions
on the loop while programming the beats to keep the loop interesting). Now
you have your drum groove, and can continue playing.

The idea behind this is that for me, most of the time when I start playing 
have no idea how exactly the drum groove has to sound to work well with 
I'm just about to play...