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Re: AW: MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

That sounds like a really great way to get a lot of
music made... I shall try something like this tonight.
 Are you using the looper as the master clock or do
you set up something as a metronome first?


--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> > What I may not have said is that I LOVE
> programming beats and 
> > I totally get a kick out of it... but then all of
> the sudden 
> > the night is gone and I've not touched my guitar
> which makes 
> > me sad.  I'm going to try to keep beat production
> down to 2 
> > nights a week.
> To keep this stuff more time-saving, try this
> approach (which was actually a
> working technique I was referring to with my
> original post that started the
> thread): start to play a song. record a loop (say,
> with keys or guitar or
> voice or percussion drill or whatever you like). Now
> program a drum pattern
> that fits with it, and have it finished before
> listening to the loop gets
> boring. (This is a very...relative specification,
> but let's say you usually
> got like 4 runs of the entire loop, which if it's a
> 4-bar loop and you're
> programming a 1-bar drum groove, gives you about 16
> bar times to program one
> bar. You might skip in a few effects uses, or do
> some local reverse actions
> on the loop while programming the beats to keep the
> loop interesting). Now
> you have your drum groove, and can continue playing.
> The idea behind this is that for me, most of the
> time when I start playing I
> have no idea how exactly the drum groove has to
> sound to work well with what
> I'm just about to play...
>       Rainer

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