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MIDI-programmable drum sequencer

In my current prototyping setup, Ableton Live is the master, so no
possibility to sync the drums to a loop. The only thing that's possible
apart from playing to a metronome (or to a drum pattern set up before I
start playing), although it won't be possible to do, say, mainstream R'n'B
tunes like this, is to have a loop running (say in an unsynced instance of
Mobius) and then start Live without caring about clock relationships ;-)

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> Betreff: Re: AW: MIDI-programmable drum sequencer
> That sounds like a really great way to get a lot of music 
> made... I shall try something like this tonight.
>  Are you using the looper as the master clock or do you set 
> up something as a metronome first?
> Mark
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