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Re: where's the money?

At 1:09 AM -0600 1/11/06, Jeff Shirkey wrote:
>You might be surprised how widespread the "tape" (anachronistic now, 
>I guess) trading community is now. Dimeadozen.org, for example, has 
>its membership capped at 100,000. Dime and other bit torrent sites 
>trade exclusively in lossless formats, and it's not just for 
>Dead-heads. Thousands of artists are represented. Whether all of it 
>is obsessive or not, I can't really say.

Oh, it is.  At least a significant segment of that community is 
pretty intensely obsessed with the minutiae and geekery of it all. 
But there are also tons of people out there who just want to enjoy 
the music and are delighted to have such a vast and convenient source 
of same.

I have benefited greatly from the presence of my work on archive.org, 
I feel.  And I am in the process of creating a page on my site that 
links to all of my performances that are available online.


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